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Thematic Instruction
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When students learn language through content, a meaningful learning environment is created.  The students are intrinsically motivated to learn.  When a language teacher organizes many content areas around a theme, this thematic based unit provides students with useful and meaningful language.      

A thematic based unit of Immigration in an intermediate or advanced proficiency class can include 4 or 5 subject areas.  Example activities and the content areas are listed below:

Content Area



Looking at maps to see where immigrants came from and why they settled where they did

Mathematics, World Studies

Analyzing graphs and creating a time line to trace immigration with world events

Language Arts

Reading and reflecting on an autobiography of an immigrant

Social Studies

Conducting a debate of “pro-immigration” and “anti-immigration” laws supporters.

Biology, Economics

Studying why the “Potato Famine” in Ireland happened and its consequences

Economics, Social Studies, American Government

Analyzing the effects on American society (workforce, culture, classism, racism, legislation, etc) because of immigration