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Program Types

Program Types
Cooperative Learning
Content Based Learning
Thematic Instruction
Learning Strategy Instruction

Schools use a varieity of instructional models when designing ESOL and bilingual education programs.
Pull-out: Students are pulled out of mainstream courses by an ESOL teacher for a period of ESOL instruction.
Plug-in: An ESOL teacher goes into a classroom for a short time to work exclusively with language learners
Team Teaching/ Inclusion: An ESOL teacher co-plans and co-delivers instruction with a mainstream teacher. 
Dual Immersion: Students receive equal amounts of instruction in both the first and second langauge. The goal is to develop both languages.
Transitional: Beginning level students receive more instruction in the first langauge while learning the basics of the second langauge. Gradually, more second langauge instruction is introduced and first langauge instruction is phased out.
Content-Based Instruction: Classes of all language learners learn English using material from core content areas. The focus is on learning langauge. 
Sheltered Instruction: Classes of all language learners learn content together within an ESOL friendly context. The focus is on learning content.