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Program Types
Cooperative Learning
Content Based Learning
Thematic Instruction
Learning Strategy Instruction

Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA)

The CALLA model integrates:

The CALLA instructional sequence has five parts:

Preparation: Gives overview and objectives, elicits prior knowledge, and develops new vocabulary.

Presentation: Presents new information, taking into account various learning styles and students prior knowledge. Provides explanation, models, definitions, and learning strategy information.

Practice: Uses hands-on, inquiry based, cooperative learning, and authentic content and langauge tasks. Students use learning strategies.

Self-Evaluation: Students reflect on and evaluate their own learning.

Expansion: Students apply information in new and relevant contexts, making connections between various contents, and involving parents in the process

And of course there is teacher assessment too!!! 

Source: Chamot, A. U. & O'Malley J. M. (1994). The CALLA Handbook. Longman.