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Program Types
Cooperative Learning
Content Based Learning
Thematic Instruction
Learning Strategy Instruction

Audiolingual Method: A method focusing on introducing new material in dialogues and memorization of set phrases.
Community Language Learning: A counseling learning theory to teach language. Learners are part of a community, not a class. Teacher assumes a counselor role and tries to meet the needs of the students.
Direct Method: Language is taught in the target language and rules of grammar are induced. It is meant to model first language acquisition.
Grammar Translation: This method focuses on literacy development. Students are expected  to memorize vocabulary, grammar rules, and translate passages.
Natural Approach: Based on the idea that language can only be acquired. Focuses on using language in natural, meaningful contexts.
Silent Way: This approach allows the teacher to remain silent while students output the language on cue through prompting.
Suggestopedia: A method based on the idea that if our brain is fully stimulated, we can learn a great quantity of infomation. This method uses comfortable furniture, music, and other relaxing stimulants to help students learn.
Total Physical Response (TPR): Students learn by physically acting out new vocabulary and language structures.


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